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About Us

About Us


“When you purchase a Sharon Boonzaier artwork or Sharon B Design product, you’re buying more than just a materialistic thing. You're buying something that captures moments of pure inspiration, hardwork and passion. It is with much joy that we get to share what we love doing, as well as helping to support local seamstresses, bookbinders, studio assistants and their families.

By curating one’s space with intention and care, one has the opportunity to nourish ones own creative flair, allowing one to make choices about how to enhance ones living space. Surrounding one’s self with Sharon B Design artworks brings joy to one’s headspace AND heartspace!"

Inspired by our wild coastline waters, and the abundance of our natural fauna and flora, Sharon paints with bold colour and movement, bringing her blank canvasses instantly to life. Having worked in the advertising and film industries for many years, Sharon incorporates bold colour and design elements into her work with fresh colours and spontaneous fluidity. Her deep love of South Africa’s indigenous flora and fauna is clear. A selection of her original artworks are then scanned and printed onto gorgeously luxurious linen ware, fine-wool scarves, décor and gifting which led to the birth of Sharon B Design.

A descendant of one of the forefathers of the South African 20th C fine art scene; the late Gregoire Boonzaier, Sharon Boonzaier has continued with the same passion for creative expression. Sharon incorporates an eclectic mix of different paint mediums, substrates and products to create a unique range of inspirational artworks and décor pieces. 

Joanna Orr of Head On Design and Sharon have also collaborated on many projects, including the bespoke and original wall-mounted and hand painted animal sculptural heads. Jo designs and manufactures the animal heads and Sharon paints South African inspired scenery onto the facets of wood with ink and gold leaf. These sculptures have been bought and loved by customers from all over the world. 

Sharon has collaborated with Charmaine Taylor of Legacy Collection to create a range of Mandela inspired ink artworks which celebrate his life and incorporate pieces of the original Robben Island Fence ( where Mandela was incarcerated for 18 out of the 27 years of his imprisonment).

 Enhance your living space with original and unique Sharon Boonzaier painted artworks, linen ware, décor and gifting to fill your heart and home.