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Painted Heads - View Full Gallery

Painted Heads - View Full Gallery

Joanna Orr of Head On Design and Sharon Boonzaier of Sharon B Design have joined forces to create something they love; beautifully painted sculptural pieces to add a unique element to one’s home or work space.

Choose a theme
Jo and Sharon are inspired by themes of South Africa’s natural and historical heritage such as the Savanna Plains, Baobab Woodland or the Dutch-Asian Delft - the blue-and-white china brought to the Cape 300 years ago - introducing new themes as they go along. You are welcome to commission any of these themes and more for your sculpture. There are at least 10 to choose from.
Each painted sculpture is unique, no one piece is the same as the next. Gold leaf is carefully applied by fellow artist, Sibulelo Ngozi. Animal heads include the kudu, elephant and the nguni bull. Buffalo, lion and rhino heads can also be painted.
Each sculpture is flat packed with great care, white gloves are supplied in each box so that they can be reassembled by their new owner.
To order and enquire about prices, please contact Jo:

Head On Design painted Mystique kudu gold leaf Sharon Boonzaier artist

Head On Design painted Rollers painted elephant head by Sharon Boonzaier

painted nguni bull head savanna by sharon boonzaier

'Fiesta' painted kudu head by Sharon Boonzaier

'Pink Leopard' painted kudu head by Sharon Boonzaier

Safari painted kudu head by Sharon Boonzaier

Joanna Orr and Sharon Boonzaier painted elephant head

Delft Painted kudu head by Sharon Boonzaier

Baobab painted ele head by Sharon Boonzaier
Jungle painted Kudu head by Sharon Boonzaier